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Allluminix offers a brand new take on the traditional louvre roof, combining 15 years of experience in the industry with classic Kiwi ingenuity. Each roof is custom to your home and style, allowing you to coexist with nature and enjoy every season from the comfort of your new space.


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After spending years in the commercial industry, we recognized the need for a louvre with more refinement, variety, and style, so we took the opportunity to fill the gaps between quality and functionality.


The outcome is a premium Louvre with everything you love and more, at great prices. Our product is the result of all of our knowledge and creativity combined, and the reason why so many are choosing Alluminix. 

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Why choose Alluminix?

Just like our Louvre system, our process is different too. We believe the experience of having your louvre roof designed and installed is a personal one, and we’re there to talk with you every step of the way. Unlike other louvre manufacturers, we provide a full spec drawing upon quotation so that you can be fully confident about your investment from the start.

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